April 1, 2022

Why LED Signs Are More Effective

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Connecticut business owners are always looking for worthwhile signage investments. With the amount of competition around, it’s crucial to always be on top of your marketing strategy. It’s an important part of not only sustaining but also growing your business.

You must have signs that boost your brand and drive more traffic to your business. For this reason, this may be the year to invest in LED signs for business.

Benefits of LED Signs

Custom LED signs are illuminated signs that can be used to display a myriad of messages for your target customers. Many use them to display their business name and logo. Others use LEDs to promote a sale, display important information, and the like.

These signs have been growing in popularity for years. And it’s no surprise why, as LED signs take the cake when it comes to getting more attention for your business.

Here we’ll see why LED signs in Connecticut are effective.

They are highly customizable

One of the biggest considerations when choosing signage is how much it can be customized. You want your signs to stand out. And that is only possible if your sign doesn’t look like everybody else’s.

Whether you choose outdoor or indoor LED signs, you can have complete control over their design. You can choose the size, shape, and color depending on your business needs. It’s a fantastic way of showing off your brand.

Custom LED signs are very versatile

These signs can be used in different ways to serve your business. They are very popular as outdoor signs, making any storefront outshine the competition. These illuminated signs are also a great accompaniment to other signage like pylon signs and monument signs.

Improve visibility with LED signs for business

A survey showed that 64% of customers are drawn to illuminated signs. This is one of the best assets of LED signage. They keep your sign shining from day until the night.

Illuminated signs are more noticeable when put against non-illuminated signs. Even during the day, they can effectively catch more attention than others. Even when your business is closed for the night, keeping your sign lit keeps it visible to target customers.

They eventually pay for themselves

One of the biggest apprehensions business owners have about illuminated signs is cost. However, these signs use LEDs, one of the most cost-effective and cost-efficient light options available. They are also low maintenance and consume less electricity than fluorescent or neon lights.

The attention you get and the traffic you drive to your business will be well worth the price you pay for these signs.

Looking for LED Signs in Connecticut?

Knowing the benefits of LED signs, you now know why they are one of the best sign solutions out there. Make sure your investment is worthwhile by choosing a reputable sign company to get the job done.

Here in Connecticut, businesses continue to choose Paragon Signs & Graphics. We deliver premium sign solutions done with only the best materials.

Whether you need outdoor or indoor LED signs, we can help! Contact us today for a free consultation with our LED sign experts.

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