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Real Estate Sign Post Installation in Connecticut

Real estate signs showcase information about properties that are for sale, lease, or rent in Connecticut. Realty companies and brokers also make sure to include their address, contact details, website, and other vital business information to demonstrate their industry reputation and legitimacy. On the other hand, contractors use less expensive types of real estate signs to announce upcoming residential or commercial real estate projects. Investing in them is a great strategy to spark the interest of your leads.

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Why Should I Invest in Custom Real Estate Signs? 

Many people choose to purchase ready-made signs or do DIY signboards for real estate announcements because of the belief that these signs are not built to last. Although it is partially true, putting a portion of your marketing budget on professionally made signs will help boost your sales and convert leads.

Furthermore, not all residential and commercial real estate signs are meant for short-term use in Connecticut. Others are mainly intended to promote the realty companies or professionals and establish their reputation in Connecticut.

Additional Benefits of CT Sign and Post


Don’t lose the opportunity to close deals with signs that only last a few days. Ensure to use the right visual communication tools that don’t easily get damaged by harsh weather conditions. The good news is that Paragon Signs & Graphics produces some of Connecticut's best-quality realtor signs. As your trusted realtor sign company, we specially design manufacture, and install them to be incredibly weather-resistant.

Non-intrusive advertising

Overly aggressive real estate salespeople drive potential clients away because they feel your desperation in closing the deal. Sometimes, they get so annoyed that they intentionally go to one of your competitors instead. Don’t let this happen to you! One way to effectively inform them about the property listings or projects is by using top-grade real estate or open house signs that are straightforward and memorable. Our team will work closely with you to create strategic designs that work best for your objectives.

Boost customers’ perceived trust

Let’s say you’re looking for a house to buy for your family, and you happen to see a flimsy and terribly-made sign that invites you to contact a company for all your real estate needs. Will your reaction be positive? Most likely, you will doubt the authenticity of the business, will not reach out to them, and look for other options instead.

It’s because leasing, renting, or buying a space or property involves a large sum of money and is a big decision to make. Thus, it’s normal for people to feel the need to be reassured that the people or corporations they are communicating with will not scam or shortchange them.

Therefore, if you want to make a positive first impression with potential clients, investors, or tenants, you must invest in post and panel or hanging real estate signs in CT that put your best foot forward.

Reputable Real Estate Sign Company Near You

Paragon Signs & Graphics has been producing strategic visual communication solutions that generate quantifiable results. We take pride in having passionate and highly skilled specialists who go above and beyond in every project that we work on, regardless of its complexity or size.

We will help you identify the best uses of real estate signs for your business during the consultation phase. Throughout the rest of the signage process, we make sure to capture not just your branding requirements and marketing goals but even your overall vision as well. It helps us create design and fabrication strategies that are right for your specific needs. 

Did you know that we are also known for providing the most efficient real estate sign installation in Connecticut? Indeed, working with Paragon Signs & Graphics will allow you to have more time to focus on running your business instead of worrying about having the best visual communication investments.

Learn more about the cost of real estate signs in Connecticut by contacting one of our specialists today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are real estate signs called?

Real estate signs are often referred to as post and panel signs, yard signs, a-frame signs, and custom banners. This is because these are the most used signs when it comes to advertising real estate. These signs are perfect for advertising properties. They are ideal for outdoor use and can easily catch the attention of passersby.

What is a real estate sign made of?

The materials used for real estate signs depend on the type of sign you choose. Yard signs are usually made using coroplast, a corrugated plastic that can be printed to display your message. Post signs are usually made of wood or metal L-shaped frames with an aluminum or coroplast hanging signboard.

How should I design my real estate signs?

Real estate sign designs should not only be engaging but should also contain key information for the clients. It should include the real estate agent or agency's name, logo, contact information, and website. Keeping the design simple is key for a more effective sign.

What are corrugated plastic signs?

Corrugated plastic signs are typically used as yard signs. They are made of corrugated plastic sheets which contain a ribbed center layer that is sandwiched between two durable plastic walls. This material can be printed directly to display your sign. Usually, these are mounted on the ground using wire stakes.

What size is hanging real estate signs?

Hanging real estate signs are what you can see in front of available houses for sale. They are made of a hanging swing post, usually L-shaped, holding aluminum sign panels. These signs usually display the agent or agency's name and contact info. They also say if the property is for sale or already sold.


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