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CT’s Most Iconic LED Signs

Custom LED signs are fantastic visual marketing investments to help your brick-and-mortar establishment thrive in a sea of competitors in Connecticut. Unlike outdated lighted signs that were fabricated from gas tubes or incandescent bulbs, these signs, as the name suggests, used modern LED technology. It is widely known that light-emitting diodes shine brighter and longer than their counterparts while simultaneously conserving more energy.

With the right design and placement, your indoor and outdoor LED signs in CT can effectively generate profitable and quantifiable results. Talk to one of our specialists to learn more.

Types of LED Signs in Connecticut

  • Monochrome LED signs: They display your message and graphics in one color, making them a perfect choice for business owners that prefer a straightforward communication style.
  • Full-color LED signs: These are fantastic for showcasing high-resolution videos and images, allowing you to advertise your latest releases, upcoming events, or other marketing campaigns.
  • Double-sided signs: For entrepreneurs who are looking for the most effective and eye-catching option, Paragon Signs & Graphics recommends double-sided custom LED signs in CT. They display your advertisement on both sides, thus efficiently targeting potential customers whichever side they pass by.
  • Tri-color signs: If you want to make your illuminated signs more visually appealing in a subtle way, we suggest that you stick with LED displays that come in three colors.

Uses of LED Signs for Your Connecticut Facility

  • Extend your investments: LED-lit signs allow you to maximize your marketing budget since they don’t need to be frequently replaced and don’t consume as much electricity as other types of light.
  • Landmarking: With attention-grabbing neon LED signage, your establishment will not just be another spot across the street that people ignore. These visual communication solutions will make your brand more noticeable and memorable, which will ultimately help you claim the location. When that happens, locals will feel more inclined to purchase your products and services because they are familiar with the brand.
  • Beat competitors: High-quality custom LED signs in Connecticut can help you stand out from direct and indirect competitors. More foot traffic and higher brand recognition can significantly increase your sales.
  • Spark curiosity and interest: Commercial LED signs are not limited to your trademark. You can also use them for advertising your signature services, special promos, best-selling products, and other details that excite your customers and leads. Paragon Signs & Graphics will work closely with you to determine the best strategies that will bring more profit to your business.
  • Spice up your ambiance: LED light signs in CT to work great in indoor settings too. When installed in your lobby, they can set the tone for your establishment. Consumers these days love taking pictures of artsy or picture-worthy illuminated signs. When they upload those photos or videos on their respective social media profiles, your brand’s exposure can soar even more.

Your Trusted LED Neon Sign Company in CT

Are you endlessly searching for the “best-LED signs near me”? Stop wasting your time because you are in the right place.

Paragon Signs & Graphics is one of the top-rated suppliers of lighted business signs in the area. Our passion for sign-making and customer service are qualities that make us superior to other companies in Connecticut. By utilizing premium-grade materials, we are able to maintain the quality of our products.

We don’t just go straight to production. Instead, we carefully strategize and plan to create visual communication solutions that yield a fast return on investment and generate long-lasting effects. Do you want to learn more about the cost of LED signs in Connecticut? Call us today to get a quotation.

What is an LED display sign?

It is a type of sign that uses Light Emitting Diodes or also known as LEDs. This technology is a way to create illuminated signs and electronic message centers.

LED display signs are an affordable and energy-efficient option when it comes to lighted signs. They can vary in color, brightness, and more.

What are LED signs made of?

LED signs are made out of tiny LED bulbs set close together onto a plastic, often acrylic, backing. These LED strips can be bent and shaped into any type of design.

Often for signage, these LED strips are placed in an acrylic casing to create a sign that emits light from within.

How much does LED signage cost?

There is no set cost when it comes to LED signs. It depends on numerous factors, like size, type of sign, color, design, and more.

You can find smaller LED signs for around $200 - $400, while larger ones can be around $1,000 - $4,000. Digital signs usually start at $10,000. But because these signs are often completely custom, it heavily depends on your needs.

What is a lighted sign called?

A lighted sign is also often called an illuminated sign. This is any type of sign that has a lighting element added to it.

Illuminated signs can refer to different sign options, like LED signs and digital displays. These can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on your business needs.

What are the different types of LED displays?

There are different types of LED displays available in the market. They can differ in use, panels, segments, color, and more.

For example, you can choose between edge-lit, direct-lit, full-array, mini, and micro-LED displays. Some displays use a single color, double primary colors, and three primary colors. Learn more by contacting us today!

What are externally illuminated signs?

Externally illuminated signs are signs that are lit using an external light source. This light source can be mounted on the base of the sign or hidden around it.

This type of light option can cast a shadow on your sign or create a halo effect that makes your sign more eye-catching.

How do LED signs work?

LED signs consist of tiny light bulbs that use semiconductors to create light as an electric current goes through them. These tiny LED light bulbs can be lined, shaped, and arranged to create any type of sign that you need.

They can also be set together to display text and images.

What is in neon signs?

Traditionally, neon signs contain a small amount of noble gas of the same name. This type of gas emits a bright, vibrant light when an electrical current passes through.

Today, however, because traditional neon is relatively cost-prohibitive, “neon” signs are made using LED strips covered in acrylic to mimic the look of its more traditional predecessor. This is a more cost-efficient and safer alternative to neon signs.


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