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With all the work that happens on construction sites, it can be a hazardous place to be in. For this reason, it is necessary to have custom construction signs in order to keep people safe.

Are you starting a construction project in Connecticut? Or do you need to add or update your signs? Paragon Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of sign solutions to keep your site safe and organized. Learn more about our product offerings by giving us a call today!

Road Construction Signs

To prevent any accidents in construction sites, there should be clear and readable signs around. This is where construction site signs come in. These are a set of signs that are used to guide workers and visitors around your space.

These are usually made in bold, high-contrast colors like yellow and black. The fluorescent material is also used for signs that need to be seen at night, especially along roads and highways in Connecticut.

Types of Traffic Signs & Construction Signs

Warning Signs

These signs help give caution to workers and visitors alike. They let you know of potential risks in specific areas around the Connecticut sites. These warn you about high-voltage areas, falling debris, and more.

Mandatory Signs

These construction signs tell you about specific things you need to do to keep safe in certain areas. These are usually white and blue signs that indicate if hard hats are necessary, or if fire doors need to be kept shut.

Prohibition Signs

Based on the name, these indicate if something is prohibited on the site. These usually have a red crossbar on the sign. These include no-smoking signs, no-parking signs, and more.

Safe Condition Signs

These are construction safety signs that have information about an emergency action. These are usually white and green with arrows pointing to safety areas like fire exits.

Fire Equipment Signs

These signs let you know where fire equipment can be found in case of an emergency. They are usually red and white, indicating the location of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, and more.

Road Construction Signs

These make sure motorists drive with caution near construction signs. Construction traffic signs tell drivers about incoming road works, detours, and the like.

Uses of Construction Signs for Safety

Construction signs are necessary for any Connecticut site. They can be used in different ways to make sure everything is running smoothly.

These signs are there to remind workers about important safety information. These are used to avoid any unwanted injuries while construction is going on.

Building site construction signs also help protect developers from any liabilities. This is especially important as many of these signs are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Lastly, traffic signs keep areas in and around the site more organized. This helps guide Connecticut drivers where to go when delivering supplies or conducting any type of business on site.

Your Trusted Construction Company Signs in CT

If you are searching for high-quality construction signs “near me,” look no further! Paragon Signs & Graphics offers durable, long-lasting construction signs for your various needs.

Our signs are made with the best materials to ensure they withstand harsh weather and on-site conditions. If you need information on OSHA-required signs, and the cost of construction signs, let us know! Contact us today and we’ll give you a free consultation.


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