December 15, 2023

LED Signs: Lighting up Your Business Marketing

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As another festive holiday season is about to be celebrated, it is the right time to find new ways to light up your business. Not only will your visibility skyrocket but so will the amount of attention your business will be paid by consumers.

LED signs are an excellent way to promote your company and draw more attention during such an important time of year. They are energy efficient, simple to install, and cost-effective, as they are long-lasting. Make your business stand out from the crowd by using custom LED signs in your marketing approach.

While neon signs have been the traditional method for adding a spotlight to your business signage, LED neon lights have become a revolutionary new form of lighting. They announce your business to clients, establish its place in your local community, and highlight what makes your brand distinct. Still not convinced? In this article, we listed the many ways in which these lightbox signs help businesses shine brightly.

Why Led Signs Light up Your Storefront and Your Brand

· Visibility

LED signage that is always illuminated attracts more prospective clients and makes your company more visible to pedestrians. As they are energy-efficient, they can remain on even when your company is closed, allowing your business to stand out all year.

· Branding

LED lighting is extremely versatile, allowing you to display your brand's colors and images more effectively than traditional neon signs, which fade over time and can release harmful gases.

· Sustainable

LED lighting consumes 80% less energy than standard neon lights. This is not only helpful for the environment, but it also saves businesses a lot in utility costs. Similarly, LEDs do not heat up the same way neon signs do, which allows the lighting to remain on 24/7 without any risk.

· Low Maintenance

LED-powered signs are more robust, operate cooler, and last longer. They also have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, which is more than 11 years. That is approximately six years longer than a fluorescent or neon bulb.

· Customizable

LED signs may be programmed to show animations, color changes, digital flashes, and changing text, depending on the type of sign chosen. If you’re interested in the ongoing customization of your sign, speak with one of our sign specialists today about your LED sign options.

· Modern Technology

LED signs are today’s modern version of neon signage. Not only are they more contemporary but they employ cutting-edge technology to deliver interactive and visually appealing messaging.


Let’s Get Started with Your Led Signage Journey

If you're thinking about investing in high-quality LED signage for your company, Paragon Signs & Graphics can assist you! We are devoted to creating exceptional LED signage, regardless of your requirements. Our team of sign specialists is available to answer any questions you may have or provide tailored recommendations!

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