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What is a Wall Mural?

Custom wall murals are digitally-printed vinyl sheets that can transform a space overnight in CT. Unlike painted murals that take several days to create and completely dry up, these murals only need a few hours to affix, depending on their.

What makes them different from your average office wallpapers is that they can easily be made 100% custom for your space. If you want to add vibrancy and energy to your commercial facility with custom wall murals in Connecticut, partner with Paragon Signs & Graphics.

Our team will work closely with you throughout the signage process, from choosing the best types of wall murals to providing maintenance services so they can last for several years. Call us today to get started.

Uses of Custom Wall Murals for Your Connecticut Establishment

  • Advertise your best-selling products and signature services.  
  • Motivate your team with office wall murals that have inspirational quotes and reminders.  
  • Connect with your target market.  
  • Creatively narrate your company’s history.
  • Provide wayfinding cues and information.  
  • Create an unforgettable ambiance that complements your brand strategy and building design.
  • Reinforce your brand to stay top-of-mind among Connecticut locals.
  • Display an impressive gallery of your recognitions and awards over the years.  
  • Feature brand locations all over Connecticut or even across the globe.  
  • Recognize the company’s founding members and influential leaders.

Outstanding 3D Wallpaper

Are you looking for unique office mural ideas? Connecticut 3D wall murals are incredibly impressive optical illusions that can make your space look out of this world. With the right designs, you can transport customers to another country, make the room appear larger, get employees excited about their workplace, and more.

Not to mention the amount of positive word-of-mouth and social media exposure you can get from people who will share their experiences with others. Having these eye-catching works of art will help you claim your location and boost foot traffic. Customers love a business that gives them a unique and picture-worthy experience.

Dependable Wall Mural Installers Near You

Putting up business wall murals is not an easy task in CT. It involves a meticulous application to ensure that they are free of bubbles, ripples, rips, and other imperfections. Large-format interior wall murals can require additional labor and tools to complete the process more efficiently.

Regardless, you can count on Paragon Signs & Graphics to give you top-notch installation services. We pride ourselves on having some of the best-rated wall mural installers in Connecticut who go out of their way to make the final product impressive and impactful.

Our services include preparing the walls to ensure that the vinyl murals will last for many years. Some additional steps we do are cleaning the surface, patching up cracks and holes, and applying coats of primer.

Your Reliable Source of Connecticut Wall Murals

Paragon Signs & Graphics is a leader in producing durable and high-resolution wallpaper murals for businesses in Connecticut. As industry experts, we are capable of creating mural designs that put your brand’s best foot forward. By utilizing top-grade materials and equipment, we are able to maintain the quality of all our signage solutions, regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

We don’t just go straight ahead to the manufacturing phase. We make sure to deeply understand your branding requirements, customers' preferences, competitive edge, and other tactics that will enable us to create signage solutions that have a fast return on investment.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of wall murals in Connecticut? Give us a call today to get a quotation.


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