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When we think of signage, we often think about retail stores and offices in Connecticut. However, institutions such as schools also benefit from having a well-thought-of sign system.

Signs are crucial for any educational institution. They are excellent communicating tools. School signs keep universities more organized. This is through a display of clear directions around school grounds. They also keep students, faculty, and staff informed about policies, safety notices, and more.

What are School Signs?

These are a collection of signs that keep any institution running more smoothly. They include indoor signs that help everyone have an easier time navigating your space. Outdoor college signs also communicate not just with students and faculty but also with the general public.

When you need high-quality sign solutions in Connecticut, Paragon Signs & Graphics is your top choice. We offer a selection of sign options for educational establishments. Whether you need one sign or a complete sign system, our team can help. Learn more about available options, designs, and the cost of school signs by calling us today!

Types of Custom School Signs for Indoor & Outdoor Use

  • School Monument Signs – these serve as attractive entrance signs for your institution. They usually display the school name, logo, and address.
  • School Door Signs – these are some of the most useful signs inside a school. These signs label each room, making sure students and faculty know exactly where to go.
  • College Wayfinding Signs – these are important signs that make it easier for students, faculty, and visitors to navigate the school facility.
  • School Banners – custom banners can be used for branding, promoting events, and keeping school spirits high inside the facility.
  • University Lawn Signs – these are simple yet useful signs. Schools in Connecticut use A-frames or H-stakes to make announcements, promote events, and more.

Benefits of Using Back-to-School, School Crossing, and Parking Lot Signs

The wide spaces and multiple buildings of schools make it necessary to have signage. Each sign for colleges has its specific role, creating a more orderly flow of activities.

Outdoor school signs, for example, are a great way to establish your school’s identity. These set your school apart from other institutions in Connecticut.

School vinyl banners, LED signs, and more help showcase what your school is all about. This is a great way to foster team spirit and generate the interest of parents and potential students.

On the other hand, indoor school signs are excellent messaging tools. They are used to provide direction and send out important announcements. Schoolyard signs, hanging signs, and the like, help convey important messages to the entire school population.

Lastly, signs are also used for commemorating important school occasions. This can include history day, teachers' day, student council elections, and more. For instance, you will often see graduation signs scattered around the school during graduation ceremonies.

Full-Service School Sign Company in Connecticut

Does your institution need to add new signs or upgrade your existing ones? In Connecticut, schools trust Paragon Signs & Graphics to deliver their signage needs.

We are a full-service sign company that helps design, produce, and install high-quality sign solutions. We are committed to providing attractive, durable signs that last.

Contact us today and get a free consultation with our expert team!


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