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Custom Digital & Electronic Signs in Connecticut

Electronic and digital signs combine the best features of traditional and modern advertising. Customize your digital signs in Connecticut with Paragon Signs & Graphics. They make every brick-and-mortar establishment stand out, despite being surrounded by competitors left and right. These visual marketing tools are also great for making an impact and staying top-of-mind.

Types of Electronic Signs 

  • Electronic message centers: These programmable LED displays are ideal for showcasing texts with special effects, image slideshows, and video advertisements. When you incorporate these digital billboards with your monument signs, your establishment stand out even more. You can easily update the media through a centralized control panel, giving you more flexibility when it comes to your advertising tactics.
  • Lightbox signs: These translucent panels are illuminated with LEDs for maximum visibility even during nighttime. We typically install them at theaters, gas stations, and malls, but they can also work great with whatever your industry is. 
  • Monochrome LED signs: Many Connecticut establishments use single-color LEDs despite being one of the oldest types of electronic signs for business. Their timeless and straightforward qualities make them perfect for displaying important announcements, business hours, and ongoing sales promotions.
  • Neon LED signs: Do you want to achieve a fun retro style with your outdoor and indoor electronic signs? These signs are fabricated with LED but capture the style and charm of traditional neon signage. They can be installed at your storefront to increase foot traffic or inside the facility as décor to improve the ambiance. People love taking pictures and uploading them on their social media profiles as well. This will give your brand additional exposure and target market reach.
  • Channel letters: These 3D outdoor electronic signs have hollow insides where LED tubes pass through. Because of their captivating yet professional charm, many entrepreneurs choose to invest in them. They come in four different styles, namely: front-lit, halo-lit, combination, or open face.

Getting the Most Out of Your LED Displays

Some of the most popular applications for electronic signs we’ve seen include:

  • Showcasing your official trademark.
  • Greeting guests as they enter the facility.
  • Providing wayfinding information to boost convenience and efficiency.
  • Promoting your latest product releases and signature services.
  • Keeping customers entertained as they wait in line.
  • Informing the public about important business-related details.

As your Connecticut signage partner, we will work closely with you to determine the best marketing strategies, communication styles, and signage types to achieve your specific goals.

Where Can I Get High-Quality Digital Signs Near Connecticut?

Paragon Signs & Graphics is one of the top-rated suppliers of standard and portable electronic message boards in Connecticut. Our passion for the craft and dedication to customer satisfaction are some qualities that make us superior to other sign shops in the area.

From high-resolution digital displays to artistic channel letter signs, you can count on us to produce visual communication solutions that bring long-term, profitable results.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of electronic signs in Connecticut? Call us today to get a free quote.


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