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Paragon Signs and Graphics is a local signage company that services Roxbury, CT. We provide businesses with a wide range of high-quality signs that are personalized to their unique needs and preferences. Whether commercial, corporate, retail or another highly competitive industry, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and make it a reality.

Our talented team of sign makers are experts in the signage industry, which is how they can provide tailored recommendations, insightful advice, and unique designs to our clients. We ensure timely production times and safe installations. Our core products are outdoor and indoor signage, which means it’s not about whether we have the right sign for you; it’s just a matter of choosing it.

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Our Business Signage Solutions

Having a diverse range of signage and graphic solutions, like we do at Paragon Signs and Graphics, is critical when finding the perfect sign for a business. From corporate branding to vibrant graphics, each design element plays an important role in the overall effectiveness of a business’s signage. This is why we strive for quality craftmanship for every signage project.

We offer:

  • Custom Signs
  • Event Signage
  • Indoor Signs
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Office Signs
  • Storefront Signs
  • Blade Signs
  • And much more

Explore Our Recent Projects

Discover more about what our team of sign specialists can achieve for your business by exploring our portfolio of award-winning signage solutions.

Roxbury, CT Sign Company: Elevate Your Brand with Effective Signage

Marketing Evolution, Traditional Power: While technology reshapes advertising, classic methods like business signs retain their effectiveness. Beyond displaying your name and logo, signs serve diverse purposes, from guiding customers to announcing promotions. Choosing the right signage partner is crucial for maximizing impact and budget.

Commercial Signage Types for Your Roxbury Business:

Outdoor Signs: Your brand's first impression starts here. Outdoor signs showcase your identity, offerings, and competitive edge. Effective outdoor signage claims your location, increases foot traffic, and keeps you top-of-mind. At Paragon Signs & Graphics, we excel in:

  • Channel Letters: These illuminated, dimensional letters add a professional touch to your storefront.
  • Awnings: Combining functionality with branding, awnings shelter customers and enhance curb appeal.
  • Monument Signs: Freestanding structures with impressive presence, ideal for attracting attention from afar.
  • Pylon Signs: Tall, vertical signs often seen at intersections, offering excellent visibility.

Indoor Signs: Reinforce your brand's message inside. Indoor signs promote products and services, guide customers, improve customer service, boost employee morale, and create a distinctive ambiance. Choose from:

  • Reception Area Signs: Make a strong first impression with professional reception signage.
  • Room Identification Signs: Ensure clear navigation with informative room labels.
  • Floor Decals: Direct customers, display safety information, or add creative flair to walkways.
  • Murals: Transform your space with impactful and memorable wall art.

Tradeshow Displays: Stand out from the crowd at your next event. High-quality tradeshow displays featuring powerful visuals and strategic messaging help your sales team convert leads and close deals. We also provide storage solutions for future use.

Vehicle Wraps and Decals: Turn your vehicles into mobile billboards. Choose from:

  • Full Vinyl Wraps: Immerse viewers in your brand message for maximum impact.
  • Partial Ad Wraps: A less drastic option for showcasing your brand on specific vehicle sections.
  • Vinyl Graphics: Cost-effective branding elements for a subtler approach.

Who We Are

Paragon Signs and Graphics is a leading signage partner in Roxbury, CT. We offer an all-encompassing signage journey for each of our clients, which includes design, production, and installation services. We also provide ongoing maintenance and repairs, proving our ongoing commitment to being a partner in success.

What We Make

Our local sign shop offers a diverse perspective and innovative approach to crafting impactful sign solutions. Through our specialized services, we use creativity to skillfully design and execute our clients’ visions. We also offer large-format printing, which expands the projects we can commit to.

Areas We Cover

Our sign services extend across Connecticut, encompassing Roxbury and surrounding regions. We have worked closely with businesses of all sizes and industries, which allows us to insightfully support and assist you.

Our Promise

Our team at Paragon Signs and Graphics commits to delivering high-quality, captivating signs that accurately reflect your business’s brand and personality, as well as fostering an enjoyable, supportive customer service environment.

Browse the Products We Offer

  • Channel Letters
  • Blade Signs
  • Hanging Signs
  • Vehicle Wraps, Decals, & Lettering
  • Directories
  • Vinyl Signs
  • Banners & Flags
  • Large Format Printing
  • Lightbox Signs
  • Metal Signs & Plaques

Choosing Your Signage Partner

Paragon Signs and Graphics is a reliable, innovative signage partner that services Roxbury, CT, and surrounding areas. We provide businesses like yours with effective signage that achieves goals, combats challenges, and meets your needs.

As we are a local business, we believe in uplifting other businesses in Roxbury and becoming a more integrated part of such an influential community. We aim to grow together!

Give us a call today to begin your next project with us. We’re excited to get started.


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