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What is an A-frame Sign?

Custom a-frame signs, otherwise known as sandwich boards, are double-sided visual communication tools that are portable and versatile. Since they can be moved around in indoor or outdoor settings, you don’t have to spend for professional installation. Suppose you want to make the most of your signage investment. In that case, we also recommend interchangeable displays, allowing you to update the contents of your advertisement and reuse them for many years. 

There are many applications and uses of a-frame signs, from providing safety reminders to promoting your special menu for the day. To learn more, reach out to Paragon Signs & Graphics today.

What are the Best Types of A-frame Signs for My Business in Connecticut?

  • Sidewalk and storefront advertising:If you want to increase your in-store foot traffic and boost your overall sales, we recommend that you invest in well-designed storefront signs. You can showcase your trademark, newest products, signature services, ongoing discounts, special bundles, and more. You can also display basic business-related information, such as your contact number and store hours.
  • Safety signs:Plastic A-frame signs are perfect lightweight tools to warn people about specific safety hazards. Some common messages include “wet floor” and “watch your step”. When these dangers have been resolved, you can keep your temporary signs and reuse them when needed.
  • Wayfinding signs: A-frame sidewalk signs are also typically used to guide customers with easy-to-understand directional cues. Having them will promote customer satisfaction, safety, and orderliness in your establishment. For maximum visibility, we recommend reflective or photoluminescent texts and symbols so they can be seen regardless of the time of the day or weather condition.
  • Event management: Running and hosting events in Connecticut are stressful. Having the right communication tools will help you keep everything organized. With a-frame message boards, staff and attendees will know where they’re supposed to be seated, which areas they are allowed to pass through, and more.
  • Greetings:Interchangeable metal a-frame signs are the perfect instruments to welcome, say farewell, and thank customers, special guests, event participants, and more. These portable signs should be positioned in key areas in your Connecticut establishment so they can be visible without obstructing the pathway. 

Where Can I Order High-Quality A-frame Signs “Near Me”?

Paragon Signs & Graphics specializes in producing a variety of corporate visual communication tools, such as custom sandwich boards. Unlike many sign shops that follow a template, our Connecticut team strongly implements a customer-centric approach in every project that we handle. We start by understanding your specific branding requirements, marketing goals, business needs, communication preferences of your target audience, and overall vision. In doing so, even something as simple as sandwich board signs will generate long-term, profitable results.

By utilizing top-grade materials and equipment, we can maintain the quality of every signage product we produce. It also ensures that you can maximize your marketing investments with us. 

To learn more about the cost of a-frame signs in Connecticut, give us a call today.


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