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Connecticut commercial facilities that desire to boost customer engagement, brand reinforcement, and employee morale can harness the power of high-quality vinyl wall decals & graphics to achieve said goals. Transforming your establishment’s walls creates a unique and unforgettable work environment that can positively influence the overall satisfaction of your customers.

What is a Wall Decal?

CT Wall decals are fabricated from premium grade vinyl or PVC that is highly resistant to fading, dust, scratches, and other minor damages. Unlike paint that requires multiple layers and many hours of labor, vinyl wall decals take half the time and effort to install. Because of that, you can easily update your décor or advertisements as needed.

Types of Wall Decals in Connecticut

  • Wall cutouts: They are the most common types of decals for walls to enhance the look of bare spaces. Vinyl cutouts come in various sizes and shapes, which can also go on glass doors or dividers.
  • Traditional decals: These business wall graphics are fabricated from durable PVC plastic. We recommend them for designs that only have a singular hue.  
  • Block-cut vinyl: If you envision having office wall graphics that are vibrant, energetic, and visually appealing, block-cut decals are an excellent option. They come in different finishes and textures, such as mirrors, metallic, and glitter.
  • 3D decals: Do you want to add fun optical illusions in your commercial space to excite and entice customers? Our Connecticut team has the tools and expertise to create them for you. Talk to one of our representatives today to learn more about our three-dimensional wall graphics.

Uses of wall decals for Your Connecticut Facility

Known for their flexibility and versatility, vinyl decals for walls are excellent visual communication tools that amplify your promotional messages and solidify your brand. In other words, you don't need to invest in permanent business signs to achieve said goals.

Listed below are some of our recommendations on how you can use your decals for walls.

  • Promote products and services.
  • Advertise ongoing or upcoming business activities and events.
  • Communicate company history or core values.
  • Recognize hardworking employees.
  • Designate specific areas for certain activities.
  • Showcase seasonal greetings and designs to uplift the mood of customers.
  • Create a unique atmosphere with graphics and messages.

Where Can I Get High-Quality Wall Decals Near You?

Choosing the right design and decal types helps support your important business objectives. However, it is equally important that you select the right signage partner who can meet your needs by creating solutions that add value to your business.

Paragon Signs & Graphics produces impressive graphic decals that support your company’s growth and marketing efforts.

Custom Wall Decals in Connecticut You Can Rely On

Are you on the hunt for the best quality wall graphics near you?

Paragon Signs & Graphics offers exceptional wall decal printing in Connecticut. By utilizing premium materials and equipment, we are able to maintain the quality of all our products. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all template for every client. As industry experts, we understand the importance of creating marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs, requirements, and budget.

We also take pride in having some of the top-rated wall graphic installers in CT. With their meticulousness and talent, your decals will be free from bubbles, ripples, rips, and other imperfections.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of wall decals in Connecticut? Give us a call today to get a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wall wrapping?

A wall wrap is a design, logo, or collage printed on vinyl that can be installed on many different types of walls to transform a space. Custom wall wraps are an inexpensive way to add a consistent brand atmosphere or theme to a room, restaurant, lobby, medical facility, or office.

How can I decorate my wall with vinyl?

There are many ways how you can decorate your wall with vinyl. You can go from using a simple and small decal to installing an entire wall of the mural. To help you decide what wall signage is best for your business, contact us today.

What is the difference between wallpaper and wall stickers?

Wall decals are much easier to apply to walls, but because they are more temporary decor, they are more likely to wear and tear. Wallpaper, on the other hand, is much more durable because it is viewed as a more permanent option due to the additional time and skill required to apply.

What are the features and benefits of wall graphics?

Vinyl wall graphics provide numerous advantages, including the ability to spruce up your office space while communicating important messages. These wall designs are not installed on your walls just to be a decoration, they also help in establishing your brand identity to your community and boost your staff and clients' overall experience.

What is the difference between paint and wrap?

The primary distinction between a wrap and paint is that paint is permanent, whereas a vinyl wrap is removable. Wraps don’t damage your wall or if in case used in a car, will damage the original paint of the car. The type of makeover you choose is determined by your goals and preferences.

What are wall stickers used for?

A wall decal, also known as a wall sticker, wall tattoo, or wall vinyl, is a vinyl sticker that is applied to a wall or another smooth surface for decoration and information. Vinyl-cutting machines are used to create wall decals. Most decals are one color, but some have multiple images printed on them.

How long do wall graphics and lettering last?

Vinyl stickers are extremely durable. However, the surface and location to which they adhere can have an impact on their lifespan. Some surfaces are more vulnerable than others. Contact us today to learn more about this.

Which type of custom graphics is best for walls?

This will depend on how you want your graphics to work for you. With these several options to choose from, there is always the best choice for your business. If you are having a hard time deciding what is the best type of custom graphics to choose, contact us today and our team will gladly assist you with all your needs.

Does wrap damage your paint?

No, they don’t. In a matter of fact, they serve as an additional protection to your original paint. Most wraps will not leave any residue or peel any paint if removed correctly. For more details, contact us today.

How long does it take to print vinyl wall graphics?

Depending on the type and size of the project, signs can take anywhere from a day to months to create. A sign's creation may involve several steps. A professional consultation will be required to obtain the correct specifications, in addition to meeting with the customer and determining their wants, needs, and budget. Only then can the duration of a project be calculated.


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