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There is often a misconception that outdoor signs are more important than indoor signs. After all, the signs outside your space are the customer’s first point of contact with your business. They are responsible for drawing customers in and driving more traffic to your establishment.

While those are all true, interior office signs are equally as crucial. Once inside, indoor signs help create the right experience for your customers. They help build the environment you want to foster. This helps determine the kind of impression customers have of your Connecticut business.

Custom Indoor Signs in Connecticut

Advertise, Brand, and Convert with Attractive Interior Signs in CT.

Make an unforgettable impression with professional interior signs for your premises. Transform the customer experience and generate leads with premium signs.

Paragon Signs & Graphics is the go-to sign shop for all your interior signage needs. Choose from an extensive catalog of design templates or design your own signs. 

You will work with a creative team that has experience building signs for all types of businesses. Discover a hassle-free, turnkey experience for your signage in Connecticut.

We'll help you design interior office signs that improve visitor satisfaction and maximize sales. Book your free consultation for interior signs today. 

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We Have All Types of Interior Signs

Here at Paragon Signs and Graphics, we make sure we get to know our clients and their business. This allows us to understand your unique needs. With this understanding, we can recommend the best custom interior signs that help your business.

Get premium custom interior signs that deliver exceptional value in CT. Our customers rely on us for long-lasting signs that look great and help drive sales.

Pick up a standard sign today or custom-design them. We build and install all types of signs, including:

  • Tradeshow and booth banners
  • Wall murals
  • Plexiglass shields
  • Emergency Exit signs
  • Window graphics
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Brochure holders

Each indoor sign functions to create more organized business operations. Lobby signs, for instance, tell customers that they reached the right place and welcome them to your business. Wayfinding signage, on the other hand, helps direct customers to the right location.

The significant role of these signs makes it crucial to find the best options. Let us know your business requirements and we’ll find the right sign solutions for you.

Order a single sign or discuss a complete signage package for your premises.

Your One-Stop Shop for Interior Office Signage in CT

Simply put, interior office signs in CT are installed inside your business. Some help you comply with health and safety laws; others help drive revenue. Most companies in Connecticut personalize their signs to match their decor and branding. 

There are many uses of interior signs, such as:

  • Making a memorable impression on visitors.
  • Branding lobbies with your logo and business name.
  • Promoting ongoing sales and discounts.
  • Making the premises easier to navigate with directional signs.
  • Enhancing decor with attractive signs.
  • Decorating blank corridors with attractive signage.
  • Raising employee morale.
  • Making the space accessible for those with visual and mobility differences.
  • Reminding staff of workplace policies.
  • Showing emergency exits.
  • Complying with local laws.
  • Promoting physical distancing.

Personalize Signs for Your Interiors

Don't settle for generic signage that makes your business blend into the background. Customize your signs and make an unforgettable impression on visitors. 

Take advantage of a full-service sign shop. Unlike other sign companies in CT, we don't tell you what's not possible - we bring your dream signs to life.

You control the design of your sign, including:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material (Metal, wood, acrylic, vinyl, or other materials)
  • Installation options
  • Lighting (if applicable)

The first impression may be the only one you get to make. That's why we only use high-quality materials and ensure expert craftsmanship.

Don't know what kind of signs you need or what design will look good? Discover the difference working with a professional team makes. Get inspiration from a creative team that helps you color-match and prepare eye-catching designs.

Indoor Signs for Businesses Are Worthwhile Investments

While outdoor signs drive customers in, indoor signs determine if customers stay. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, these signs provide plenty of benefits for your company.

Custom interior business signs help raise brand awareness. They say that it takes 5 – 7 interactions with a brand before people remember them. You must display your brand at each point of contact with your customers.

The right signs also make each visit more comfortable and efficient. Office door signs, for instance, instantly give information about the room or occupant of a space. This means no time wasted running around finding the right place.

Office signage also keeps your business safe and accessible. ADA signs and safety signs are required by law. They make sure that your business is safe and comfortable for all types of customers. They help put out the necessary information that keeps your establishment free of any potential danger.

Lastly, interior business graphics breathe life into your business space. They can transform any empty room into a vibrant and memorable area. These signs also add a seasonal feel to your space. Whatever the occasion, customers are sure to remember your business.

Efficient Office & Lobby Sign Solutions

Our sign-making process ensures that your signs are durable and long-lasting. We create signs seamlessly and efficiently. Whether you need one sign or a set of indoor signs, our team can deliver.

We make getting signs for your business turnkey. Enjoy white-glove service as you find the perfect signs. We work with offices, retailers, boutiques, professional firms, healthcare providers, and many other businesses.

Book your free consultation and discuss your requirements with a signage professional in Connecticut.

Best Interior Sign Maker in Connecticut

Unlike other companies that make indoor signs near you, we are committed to helping you get the right signs. Get tips and tricks to keep the cost of interior signs within budget.

Paragon Signs and Graphics is your top choice for an experienced indoor signage provider. We deliver premium sign solutions that positively impact your business.

We design, create and install your various signage needs. Whichever office & lobby signage you need, our team delivers with quality and precision. Our goal is to provide you with signs that aren’t just functional but also beautiful.

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What is an interior sign?

Interior signs are any type of sign that is used inside a store, office, or building. These signs perform different functions to keep daily operations running smoothly and create the right atmosphere for your business.

There are indoor signs that are required by law, typically called ADA signs. Other signs, while not necessary due to legislation, still add great value to any business space.

What is the best material for indoor signs?

Interior signs can be made using a wide variety of materials. Because they are used indoors, you need not worry about inclement weather damaging your signs.

The most popular materials used for indoor signs include vinyl, acrylic, metal, and wood. These can be used for a wide range of sign options.

What are the different types of interior signage?

There are different types of signs you can have inside your space. For example, lobby signs are any signs found within your lobby or reception area. Wayfinding signs help customers find their way around your store or office.

Learn more about the different types of interior signs available to you by giving us a call today.

What is the purpose of interior signs?

Interior signs perform a variety of functions for your business. Some signs help with direction and identification, like wayfinding signs and door signs. Other signs help promote your products and services, like wall murals, hanging signs, banners, and more.

All these signs, however, can help with branding when designed to match your brand.

How much do indoor signs cost?

The cost of indoor signs depends on different factors. These include the type of sign, size, the number of signs you need, and more.

Interior signs can cost anywhere between a hundred to a few thousand depending on the sign you choose. Get a free quote today by contacting our sign experts.


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