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Take your branding, marketing, and advertising to the next level with outdoor signs for the business in CT. Not just great designs, our signs help you attract customers to your store and office.

Paragon Signs & Graphics is your one-stop sign shop for all types of outdoor signage. Discover the difference working with a professional sign company makes.

Take advantage of premium signs that deliver exceptional ROI. Unlike other sign companies in Connecticut, we don't just design signs - we create signs that work for you.

In an ideal environment, the business with the best products or services should get the most customers. However, the reality is attracting more customers can be hard, especially in competitive industries. Often, it starts with establishing your business presence.

A survey conducted found that 35% of customers wouldn’t even know your business exists without signs. This is whyexterior signage is crucial for any business.

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Impress Customers with Outdoor Business Signage

Take your branding, marketing, and advertising to the next level with outdoor signs for the business in CT. Not just great designs, our signs help you attract customers to your store and office.

Paragon Signs & Graphics is your one-stop sign shop for all types of outdoor signage. Discover the difference working with a professional sign company makes.

Take advantage of premium signs that deliver exceptional ROI. Unlike other sign companies in Connecticut, we don't just design signs - we create signs that work for you.

Elevate your business and get high-quality outdoor signs in Connecticut. Book a free consultation for exterior signage today.

We Have All Types of Outdoor Signs

All signs for all uses. Get the perfect long-term, temporary, and portable outdoor signs for your business. Choose from an extensive catalog of sign types, design templates, and more.

We build, install, and maintain all types of signage, including: 

Long-term Signs

Portable/Temporary Signs

  • Feather flags
  • Vinyl banners 
  • H-frame signs 

Don't settle for standard designs or a small selection of signs in Connecticut.

Our fully-equipped fabrication shop can create any type of sign. Work with a creative team that helps you find innovative styles and lighting options.

Outdoor signage must withstand various external elements. As such, we offer a range of materials to create signs that are weatherproof, rust-proof, and long-lasting. Talk to us about your signage needs today and we’ll give you a free quote.

What Is Outdoor Signage?

Outdoor business signs go outside your premises. While some are installed above the front door, others may be located on the roof, lamp posts, or billboards.

There are many uses of outdoor signs, including:

  • Establish a presence in the local community.
  • Advertise to potential customers.
  • Improve brand recognition and awareness.
  • Make the business stand out from competitors.
  • Showcase new services and products.
  • Supercharge promotions.
  • Maximize sales during the holiday shopping season.

The Benefits of Having the Right Exterior Signage for Building

Exterior building signs offer plenty of benefits for any Connecticut business. They are worthwhile investments that can generate positive rewards for years to come. Here are some of them:

  1. They improve your visibility. You need signs that inform people that there is a business, products, or services that they can access. Building signage makes you exist, even in crowded or hard-to-find areas.
  1. They drive more traffic to your business. Signs don’t just get the attention of your target audience. They also spark their interest, urging them to walk in. Monument signs, for instance, help point customers toward where your business is.
  1. They increase your sales and profit. Surveys show that customers spend more on brands that they trust. Building customer trust starts with brand familiarity. Signs, like channel letter signs, make your brand more recognizable and customers more confident in your business.

They reach people where they are. Business outdoor signage is the ideal non-aggressive marketing tool that you need. These are visual displays that customers see and grow interested in. You get to advertise your brand, whether customers are driving,

Custom Outdoor Signs for Businesses

Not all signs are created equal. Yes, you may get ready-to-use signs from big box stores. However, the impact of custom outdoor business graphics is unlike any other.

Ready-to-use signs are typically templates that look the same as everyone else’s. With custom signs, you have the liberty to choose each design element that goes into it. Invest in local outdoor business signs that are customized to make you stand out.

Don't settle for bland signs that make your business blend in. Personalize signs with your branding and motifs to make them effective.

Discover the difference working with a professional team makes. We help you bring your dream signs to life. Our customers control every aspect of the design, including:

  • Color
  • Design
  • Size
  • Material
  • Color
  • Lighting
  • Installation

Unlike other sign shops in Connecticut, you will have access to a wide product line. We can work with any material and bring any style to life.

End-to-End Sign Services

Make installing exterior building signs completely hassle-free. You will work with a team that sits with you to understand your objectives. Enjoy a turnkey experience when you choose Paragon Signs & Graphics. We:

  • Conceptualize designs and build signs.
  • Plan budget and delivery schedules.
  • Help with applying for city permits (if required).
  • Install signs, including all electrical work.
  • Provide maintenance and after-sales support.

Whether you are ordering your first sign or you're a seasoned pro, our team is here to guide you. We'll work with you to identify options that add value and remove ones that just increase the cost of outdoor signs.

Some of the Best Outdoor Signs in Connecticut

Are you looking for "outdoor signs near me"? Work with one of the most trusted sign companies in Connecticut.

Paragon Signs and Graphics is a full-service exterior signage company. We design, produce and install your various signage needs. Whether you need real estate signs, pylon signs, window graphics, and more, our team can help!

Trust our team to make the most of your marketing budget. We'll help you identify and install signs that maximize branding and deliver outstanding value.

Our commitment to excellence is what sets our team apart. We want to be more than just your signage supplier. We want to be your partner in achieving business success.

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What is an outdoor display?

An outdoor display is a set of signs that are positioned outside your business space. They are used to create an aesthetic atmosphere for your business.

All these signs use durable, weatherproof material that can withstand a range of outdoor elements. Overall, they help advertise your business to your target audience.

What is the meaning of outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is the type of advertising that is done outside the business space. It is also often called out-of-home advertising.

These are used to promote your business, products, and services outdoors. The most popular outdoor advertising type includes billboards and street ads. Vehicle wraps, like bus wraps, are also a common option.

What are outdoor advertising and its characteristics?

Outdoor advertising, much like other types of advertising, consists of basic elements that attract the attention of consumers. However, there are certain characteristics unique to them.

These characteristics include size, shape, design, typography, color, and the like. All these contribute to how consumers receive your information and how it stands out from the competition.

What are the four categories of signs?

Here at Paragon Signs and Graphics, we offer four primary sign categories. The main ones are outdoor signs, the signs that adorn your outdoor space, and indoor signs, those used for your interior spaces. Long-term signs are permanent signs meant to last years. Temporary signs, however, are those for short-term use.

What is an outdoor LED screen?

Outdoor LED screens are usually large format screens that use LED technology. They are created by RGBs, or three-color LEDs to display videos or images.

Unlike indoor LED screens, these have more pixel pitch resolution and lower resolution for better viewing at a distance. The screens are sealed, making them weather-proof.

What do billboards do?

Billboards are large-format outdoor advertising tools. They are one of the most popular signs on the market. Billboards are great for advertising your business, products, and services. Often, they are found in high-traffic areas along busy roads. Billboards are usually mounted at a height, making them visible even from afar.

Why do we need outdoor signage?

Businesses need outdoor signage for a variety of reasons. Outdoor signs are how you can exist in your local market. Without signs, customers may not be aware of your business.

Outdoor signs are also effective wayfinding tools. Customers can locate your business easily with the help of the signs outside your space.

What are the benefits of outdoor signs?

Outdoor signs are a crucial element of your marketing strategy. They help build awareness for your brand. Seeing your outdoor signs give customers a better idea of who and what your business is. These signs also help create interest in your products or services. Having an outdoor display shows customers what you can offer.

Do outdoor signs change behavior?

Outdoor signs are communication tools. They have the potential to change behavior. For example, your choice of colors, graphics, and words can influence the perception and decisions of the viewer.

These elements can elicit different emotions from your customers. These emotions can affect the interest and buying decisions of your target customers.

What is the meaning of LED display?

The meaning of LED displays is light-emitting diode displays. They are a screen display technology using a panel of LEDs as a light source. They are used to display a myriad of information, from graphics to videos and more.

LED displays are used for large format displays and smaller display applications.


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