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Full-Color and Durable Truck Wraps

Truck wraps are special vinyl signs that convert regular vehicles into mobile billboards in Connecticut. These multi-purpose signs allow you to advertise your products and services while simultaneously completing daily business errands. By driving around CT and parking in public places, your ads effortlessly gain roughly 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. 

Types of Vinyl Truck Wraps and Graphics for Advertising

  • Full wraps: Full wraps: Create a lasting impression at a moment’s glance with a beautiful business truck wrap. They cover your truck's entire exterior, giving you more space to display high-resolution graphics and thought-provoking messages. What’s great about this wrapping style is that it protects and preserves your vehicle’s original paint for various weather conditions.
  • Partial wraps: As the name implies, they only cover specific spots of your truck. They are less visually comprehensive but are still highly effective at communicating your message to potential customers who don’t usually pass by your physical establishment.  
  • Die-cut vinyl wraps: They are fantastic tools to add branding touches to your vehicle, making them appear more official. Truck decals are commonly used to indicate some of the essential details about your business, such as your address and contact details.

Benefits of Investing in Custom Pickup and Food Truck Wraps

  • Achieve a professional look: When people see your branded CT truck wraps, they will get the impression that the people onboard are legitimate representatives of your company. This is especially crucial for businesses that perform services at the houses of their clients.
  • More impressions for less: Many marketing modes charge you for every impression your advertisement makes. As it adds up, you might end up paying a ridiculous amount of money that is far beyond your budget. Such is not the case with custom truck graphics because you can enjoy unlimited and round-the-clock advertising for a fraction of the cost.
  • Make the most of your existing assets: With vinyl wraps, can maximize the usage of your trucks and the efforts of your employees as they make their way around Connecticut.
  • Low maintenance: Commercial vehicle wraps are built to last a lifetime. They are incredibly resistant to fading, scratches, and other minor damages. Investing in them will allow you to gain profitable results for many years.
  • Non-intrusive advertising: Aggressive marketing tactics drive customers away. Sometimes, they even intentionally switch to your competitors and give you bad reviews. Thus, if you want to influence your target audience's purchase behavior and brand preferences, one way you can communicate with them in a non-intrusive manner is through vinyl truck wraps.

Your Go-To Manufacturer of Truck Wraps in Connecticut

Paragon Signs & Graphics has been providing well-strategized visual communication solutions for organizations and businesses in the area. We strictly implement a customer-centric approach to generate truck graphics and wraps that complement your branding strategy and appeal to your target audience. Thanks to our expert installation services, your car signs will look professional, seamless, and impressive. Whether you need vibrant food truck wraps or simple vinyl decals, you can count on our team to give you a positive and worry-free experience.

To get a better idea of the cost of truck wraps in Connecticut, reach out to us today!


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