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Storefront Signage Near You in Connecticut

We are your local Connecticut company that offers quality storefront signs. What are the storefront signs? Custom storefront signs portray your unique brand personality to the public. They showcase who you are as a brand, provide a glimpse of your products and services, and highlight your competitive edge.

To get your very own top-notch shopfront and outdoor business signage, reach out to Paragon Signs & Graphics today.

Best Types of Storefront Signs for Your Establishment in Connecticut

  • A-frames: Sandwich board signs are manufactured from incredibly weather-resistant plastic frames. They are commonly placed at your storefront to display special menu items, signature services, discounts, store hours, important announcements, and more.  
  • Pavement signs: They are like A-frame signs because they aim to get the attention of every passerby. However, the main difference is that they don’t have triangular shapes. They feature single or double-sided signs that are installed upright on a stand.  
  • Blade signs: These are installed above eye level, perpendicular to the wall instead of directly on it. Because of their positioning, blade retail signs are highly visible from all angles.
  • Window graphics: Versatile and easy to install, vinyl storefront window signs are perfect for updating your Connecticut storefront regularly to keep patrons curious about the company and attract new customers.
  • Door signs: Straightforward yet vital; these signs are typically used to display your business hours, contact information, slogan, logo, and other essential details that customers are interested in.
  • Awnings: These multi-purpose storefront signs in Connecticut are installed over your doors and windows. They beautifully highlight your trademark while shielding customers from different weather conditions. Hotels, bars, cafes, and restaurants are just some commercial facilities that use awning signs.
  • Canopies: They are quite similar to awning signs but are affixed on poles instead of being directly attached to the buildings. Canopy signs are also larger and wider, allowing to cover more people.  
  • Channel letters: Do you want to invest in eye-catching and memorable storefront signage? These 3D-lighted storefront signs are popular among many entrepreneurs in Connecticut because of their professional yet charming appeal. With their many customization options, you can have them designed and fabricated to match your trademark down to the last detail.
  • Dimensional letters: People often confuse them with channel letter signs because of their many similarities. However, instead of having a light tube that passes inside every element, dimensional letters can only rely on external illumination sources since they are made from solid parts.
  • Digital displays: Electronic digital signs are perfect for displaying your promotional media. At Paragon Signs & Graphics, we make sure that your LED signs are high-resolution, vibrant, crisp, and extremely hardwearing. They gain plenty of attention from motorists and even help reduce wait time for people queueing outside your establishment.

Recommended Applications or Uses of Outdoor Storefront Signs

  • Brand introduction and reinforcement
  • Get ahead of competitors
  • Promote your new or signature products and services
  • Announce events and sales promotions
  • Grab the attention and interest of potential customers
  • Claim the location and become a landmark
  • Display your business hours, contact details, and other important business information

Where Can I Get High-Quality Storefront Signs Near Connecticut?

Paragon Signs & Graphics is among the top-rated outdoor sign shops in Connecticut. We strictly implement a customer-centric approach on all business Storefront signs that we produce. This ensures that your signs complement your exterior design, branding requirements, and consumers’ preferences. Whether you need a few vinyl window decals or a large electronic digital sign, you can count on our team to give you signage solutions that are effective and have a fast return on investment.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of storefront signs in Connecticut? Give us a call today to claim your free quote.


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