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Do you want to make a bold statement with architectural sign posts in Connecticut? Having the right signs can help make your business stand out. They shape the way customers perceive your business. Moreover, signs can enhance the way your business looks and feels.

When it comes to making bold statements through signs, architectural signs are on top of the list. Here, we’ll find out more about these signs and how they can impact your CT business.

What Is Architectural Signage?

Defining architectural signs can be challenging. This is because it involves different types of signs that are put together to complement your business space. These customized signs are made to strengthen your brand and enhance your business aesthetic.

Architectural signs can be found inside and outside your establishment. They are often integrated into your space seamlessly, creating a more professional look.

They are a significant addition to your business. For this reason, it’s important to partner with an architectural sign company that knows exactly how to deliver high-quality sign solutions. Paragon Signs and Graphics is committed to helping you elevate your brand and business space in CT.

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Monument Signs, Wayfinding Signs, and More

Architectural signs can consist of an entire sign system. It can be challenging to determine which one can work best for your business. No worries, our team at Paragon Signs and Graphics always works closely with our clients. This ensures we can offer you the best signs that suit your business in Connecticut.

Popular options include:

  1. Large-Format Signs
  2. Entrance Signs
  3. Monument Signs
  4. Wayfinding Signs
  5. Wall Murals and Graphics
  6. Custom Banners

Custom Architectural Signage

Spending your business capital on architectural signs can be daunting. However, these signs are a worthwhile investment. When done the right, they can benefit your business in more ways than one.

Here are some important elements to make these signs more impactful:

  1. Choose the best materials

They say that the quality of your signs reflects the quality of your products and services. When you want to display a strong image, you should choose materials that reflect that strength.

For architectural signs and symbols, using metal, wood, stone, and acrylic are great choices.

  1. Create designs that boost your brand

Architectural designs & signs are not only functional. They are designed with various branding elements. This ensures that at every point of contact, customers know exactly who your brand is.

This works to your advantage since a consistent display of your brand is great for increasing profit sales.

  1. Comply with local zoning laws and guidelines

Cities have specific zoning laws when it comes to outdoor signs. Be mindful of this when designing architectural signs outside your business. This can affect the size, height, and light options of your signs.

Affordable Architectural Sign Company For Manufacturing and Installation in Connecticut

Make a bold statement and create a comfortable space for your customers in Connecticut! Let Paragon Signs and Graphics deliver architectural signs that move your business forward.

For your architectural signs and engraving needs, contact us today! Our team is always excited to contribute to the success of local businesses.

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