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#1 Custom Vinyl Wall Lettering in Connecticut

Wall lettering signs are similar to graphic decals and murals because of where they are installed and how they are fabricated. The main difference is that this focuses on cut letter vinyl, as the name implies.

Vinyl wall letters are durable enough to be used in either indoor or outdoor settings. Your designs can be printed on vinyl sheets and affixed on the wall as is, or you can also have the letters trimmed down according to the grooves of each letter. Either way, you can count on Paragon Signs & Graphics to create high-quality and impressive signs that add value to your business.

Best Types of Wall Lettering for Your Establishment in Connecticut

  • Reflective vinyl: Because of their light-reflective features, these signs are commonly installed at emergency exits, parking spaces, and areas that need safety and directional cues.
  • Gloss vinyl: Do you want to pique the interest of passersby and leave a lasting impression on customers? High-gloss vinyl signs are undeniably visually appealing. With the right light fixtures, you can create special effects that make the signage even more attractive.
  • Translucent vinyl: Timeless and elegant, they are perfect for showcasing your trademark on glass windows and dividers. These signs reinforce your brand as they cut through bare and bland areas in your facility.
  • Matte vinyl: Clean and professional, matte vinyl signs are fantastic for establishments with a more serious environment. We typically install them at banks, conference rooms, banks, law firms, clinics, and government offices.
  • Photoluminescent vinyl: Did you know that custom wall signs can be powered by solar energy? Photoluminescent vinyl letters are highly efficient investments because of their visibility in lowlight situations. We use them to display wayfinding information, safety precautions, and other essential details that customers and employees are interested in.
  • Metallic vinyl: Are you looking for a unique and showstopping signage? We recommend that you invest in metallic signs for brands that have a vibrant, glamorous, hip, or trendy personality.
  • . They come in eye-catching graphite, copper, iridescent, silver, and gold finishes.  

Uses of Vinyl Lettering

  • Maximize available space: From unimpressive lobby areas to empty hallways, vinyl wall lettering signs are great visual communication tools to make the most of different areas in your establishment.
  • Make your storefront stand out: With the right design, informative and decorative letters for walls can get the attention of passersby and help you get ahead of competitors.
  • Promote products, services, and events: Whether you want more attendees for your upcoming events or aim to increase the sales of a particular product, having removable wall letters is an effortless and effective way to advertise and update them as needed.
  • Showcase wayfinding information and room identification: When customers are warned of specific safety hazards or informed about how they should use a particular amenity, they are more inclined to be satisfied with your business.  
  • Build a meaningful ambiance: Office wall lettering signs enable you to transform your commercial facility overnight. By creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance, customers are likely to remember their experience with your business and share it with others.

Where Can I Get Vinyl Lettering for Walls “Near Me”?

Paragon Signs & Graphics is one of the leading suppliers of custom wall lettering in Connecticut. Whether you have a law firm or a hip new restaurant, our team can create letter decals that suit your unique brand personality and connect with your target audience. We can even produce wall decals for your home office since many of us have been working remotely due to the pandemic.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of wall lettering in Connecticut? Reach out to us today to claim your free quote.


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