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Paragon Signs and Graphics is a local signage company that supports West Haven, CT. We offer businesses of all sizes and industries an all-encompassing signage experience, from start to finish. While we provide our clients with a variety of signage services, from design conceptualization to professional installation, we also focus on creating a positive customer experience. Our local sign shop meets the unique needs of commercial, corporate, retail, manufacturing, and other highly competitive industries.

The team at Paragon Signs and Graphics are experts at crafting, producing, installing, and maintaining vibrant, impactful, and captivating sign solutions. We work closely with our clients to ensure they receive a sign that fulfills their unique needs and represents their business accurately. Through a collaborative design process and timely production, we bring your vision to life.

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Our Signage Solutions

We pride ourselves on a vast array of sign solutions for our clients to choose from. By understanding that each business has unique goals, which require personalized signage, we have created a variety of options that allow our clients to select their new sign intentionally. Our team also supports this selection process with tailored recommendations based on the client’s needs.

With quality craftsmanship and innovative design, we offer:

West Haven's Custom Signage Solutions - Superior Service You Can Trust

Choosing the right sign partner involves more than price alone. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better value if materials are subpar or designs miss the mark. For exceptional, customized signs that effectively promote your West Haven brand, partner with a shop that consistently delivers.

Our Full-Service Sign Advantage

With decades of collective expertise, Paragon Signs & Graphics is West Haven’s trusted resource for branded signage. We collaborate with you to conceptualize optimal solutions and then handle the complete process - design, production, permits and professional installation. Our hands-on approach allows us to fabricate indoor/outdoor signs tailored to your goals.

Superior Materials and Construction The quality of your signs impact brand impressions and durability. We exclusively utilize premium materials like channel letters with LED lighting, metal frames and high-density composites. Our state-of-the-art equipment also ensures consistent construction. The result - signs made to last, positioned to catch attention.

Custom Signage for Maximum Visibility and Impact

We offer numerous sign types to increase awareness, provide directionals, announce sales or events and more:

  • Statement pylons towering over buildings with LED displays
  • Interior murals and graphics reinforcing your brand
  • Vehicle wraps leveraging your fleet as moving ads
  • Informative wayfinding signs to direct customer flow
  • Versatile banners for seasonal promotions
  • Advanced digital displays highlighting offerings

For long-lasting exterior exposure resistant to elements, monument signs effectively establish your permanent brand presence.

When you’re ready to make a strong and lasting brand impression with exceptional signage, choose Paragon Signs & Graphics. Discover why top West Haven businesses trust us for all their signage needs.

Browse Our Portfolio

To better understand the value and expertise that our team brings to each signage project, explore our portfolio of award-winning signage solutions.

Who We Are

While we are a leading signage partner in West Haven, CT, Paragon Signs and Graphics is also a proud, local business that is committed to making the community a successful place. We view ourselves as partners in success to each of our clients, as we want to see them grow and prosper. By contributing through what we know best – captivating signage – we help to support the West Haven community.

Our signage journey includes design, production, and installation services, which means each client receives end-to-end guidance and assistance. We also provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your signs looking vibrant and fresh for years to come.

What We Make

With a diverse perspective and an innovative outlook on sign solutions, we craft impactful sign solutions that embody the brands we partner with. Each business has a specialized way of attracting their target audience, and it is our job to translate it into our signage. With creativity, collaboration, and an outcome-oriented mindset, our team of sign specialists works diligently to execute our clients’ visions.

Areas We Cover

Our sign services extend across Connecticut, from West Haven to Trumbull. We have created eye-catching signs for a variety of industries, expanding our expertise. Our commitment to continued growth motivates us to partner with new businesses like yours.

Our Promise

The team at Paragon Signs and Graphics promises to deliver high-quality, stunning signs that reflect both your brand guidelines and business needs. We commit to doing so in a positive, supportive environment, so that our clients know they are in the right hands.

Explore the Products We Craft

Your West Haven Sign Shop

Paragon Signs and Graphics is a reliable signage partner that commits itself to setting businesses in West Haven, CT, and surrounding areas up for success. If you need new or updated signage, we are the right team to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

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