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Wherever you are in Connecticut, parking in public spaces is often regulated. This ensures that your business is kept safe and organized. It also avoids any confusion and frustration within parking areas.

Regulating parking is easily done through signs. Parking signs help inform motorists and pedestrians about road and parking policies while within your facility. These help keep your business running smoothly.

When in need of high-quality parking signs, Paragon Signs & Graphics can help. We are a parking sign manufacturing company in CT offering a wide range of options for your business needs. Learn more about different options, designs, and the cost of parking signs by calling us today!

Parking Lot Banners and Graphics

These are a set of signs that guide drivers and pedestrians around your parking space in Connecticut. Generally, they indicate spaces where they can or can’t park.

These signs are usually made using durable materials like metal, aluminum, and the like. Metal parking signs are ideal for outdoor use since they are able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

You also have the option to get custom parking signs that match your brand. Although a lot of these signs need to adhere to certain guidelines, they can still be customized in different ways.

Types of Parking Signs

Let’s look at some basic parking signs Connecticut businesses need:

No Parking Signs – these tell drivers which spaces they can’t park in. These signs are usually in areas that obstruct traffic or can be dangerous for you and your vehicle.

Emergency Parking Signs – these signs indicate spaces that are reserved for emergency vehicles. They are necessary to have to ensure that first responders always have a spot to park in, in the event of an emergency.

Reserved Parking Signs – these signs indicate parking spaces that are reserved for specific people. Examples of these include reserved parking for VIPs, tenants, customers, and more.

Accessible Parking Signs – these signs inform motorists which parking spots are designated for people with disabilities. These spaces are usually located near the building entrance.

Uses of Parking Signs

Parking lot signs are a necessary addition to any Connecticut facility that has available parking spaces. These help your business in different ways.

First, they serve as a clear guide for drivers to know proper parking spots. This helps keep your space clear and avoid any confusion. Alternatively, they also tell you which parking spaces to avoid.

Aside from their practical use, commercial parking signs are also great for building brand awareness. People often look for these signs when in your facility. Branding your signs can help you boost your brand while still being compliant.

High-Quality Parking Signs Manufacturer

Customers who feel comfortable and safe in your space are more likely to become repeat customers. Keep your business safe and organized with the right parking signs today!

Paragon Signs & Graphics delivers attractive, high-quality sign solutions for your business needs. Whether you are looking for parking signs, storefront signs, and other business signs, our team can help!

We are committed to providing excellent products delivered with equally excellent customer service. Give us a call today and get a free consultation about your parking sign needs.


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