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Protruding Sign Design and Installation in Connecticut

Need a sign that can be seen from down the hall? Do you want to include a special message? Then our great projecting signs are ideal!

These signs are constructed of high-quality aluminum and are guaranteed not to rust! For optimal visibility, protruding and projecting signs may also be readily attached to any flat surface.


What Is a Projecting Sign?

They’re largely used for indoor and outdoor navigation and guiding, allowing designers to predict how crowds will flow around places in offices, public areas, and retail malls. These protruding signs are part of a modular system that may be utilized with existing signage or to meet new demand.

It's commonly a double-sided sign that protrudes from the side of a building, making it visible from both sides. Also known as a "blade sign" or a "flag-mounted sign."

Types of Projecting Signs & Brackets:

Projecting signs are primarily intended for outdoor use and are made to resist all weather conditions. Many projection sign alternatives may be provided quickly, and we provide a professional design service as well as expert installation if needed. Here are some of its types to choose from for your Connecticut business:

  • Wall-Mounted Shop Signs: These are hanging signs. Signs that are attached to a wall rather than being free-standing or hanging.
  • Flange Signs: In stores, flange signs are used to draw customers' attention and give guidance. Flange signs are frequently installed on gasoline pumps to indicate the number of pumps you are at.
  • 3-Way View Signs: Their function is to warn incoming and/or departing traffic of any dangerous circumstances in the area, the mandatory safety precautions to be taken while entering the area, the placement of safety equipment or emergency exits, and so on.
  • Illuminated Projecting Sign: Projecting lightbox signs are intended to offer full-face lighting and should be positioned at right angles to your business.
  • Round Projecting Signs: A circular lit projection sign that’s ideal for advertising your company, pop-up store, or event.
  • Projecting Sign Bracket: When mounting to solid walls and posts is necessary, this bracket transforms two tray signs put back-to-back into a very firmly fastened projecting sign.


Having a Hard Time Designing Your External Projecting Signs? Here Are Some Projecting Sign Ideas for You:

  • Considerate Design for Your Projecting Sign: These are vertical signs, not all brands can work on a tall slim sign. Your logo and/or name should be created to be vertical.
  • Double Fun With Double-Sided Signage: This style of sign has a fantastic return on investment. You may showcase your brand from 2 directions on both sides.
  • Maintain High Sign Visibility: Due to the projection and higher height, a projecting sign inherently has a long viewing distance. However, the size, content, and images may need to be bigger to be adequately visible at the required distance.
  • Professional Signage Installation Is the Key: The mounting must be integrated into the building structure, depending on its size. Projecting signals require more attention and, in certain cases, reinforcement than other sorts of signs. Permits are frequently required for temporarily closing streets so boom trucks may work overhead with ease.


Great Projecting Signs by Reliable Sign Makers

If you require visual solutions for promoting your business, whether it's a retail store, restaurant, clinic, bar, or any other business, our team of designers, technologists, and installers can provide them. For a free consultation, get in touch with us now! Call (203) 463-5788 to talk to a representative now about your signage needs!


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