August 3, 2023

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Are you seeking fresh methods to distinguish your company? Finding innovative techniques to advertise your business in any competitive industry is always difficult. Choosing a flexible item, such as vinyl signs, can assist you when it comes to standing out.

Vinyl business signs may be modified to reflect the style and preferences of your company. Vinyl, known for its flexibility, can be mounted on nearly any surface; allowing businesses to create personalized signage that meets their demands.

Allow Paragon Signs & Graphics to assist you in creating the perfect signage solutions for your company's marketing and promotional requirements!



These signs work wonders for your business, but what kind should you invest in? We offer:

  • Vinyl Banners: Large, eye-catching banners used for promotions, events, and announcements.
  • Window Graphics: Attractive decals applied to windows, offering privacy or advertising messages.
  • Wall Murals: Full-scale vinyl graphics are used to transform walls into stunning visual displays.
  • Floor Graphics: Durable vinyl decals applied to floors for wayfinding, branding, or advertising.
  • Vehicle Wraps: Custom vinyl wraps are applied to vehicles, turning them into mobile advertisements.
  • Vinyl Lettering: Individual letters and text cut from vinyl for signage and labelling purposes.

After you choose your vinyl sign—how do you use it effectively? That's just as important as choosing the sign type and sign material. Your sign has to work at:


  • Enhancing the customer experience

Send the right message and do it the right way. Through the use of graphics, lettering, and more, you’ll be able to provide your clients with a better view of who your company is and what you can do for them. Doing so allows you to create a better relationship with them.


  • Gain, new customers,

You want to always make sure that your signage can stop people from walking by your establishment. Or, if you’ve gone down the vehicle wrap route, you want to ensure that your wraps are designed and customized in a way that gives you more impressions. Do that by using bold colors, clear text, and engaging graphics for your vinyl business signs.


  • Increase sales

Once you have a design that works, and you’ve enhanced experience and gained new clientele, you’ll be looking at an increase in sales. What more could you ask for? If your signage isn’t working for you that way—then it’s not the right kind of signage. Your signs should get people inside your space and have them make purchases.

The best part about this signage? When compared to other means of promotion, these custom-designed signs are incredibly cost-effective. This means that whatever you’re putting in, you’ll be getting back through advertising that will last you for years to come! Whether you’re investing in custom vinyl lettering for walls or commercial fleet wraps, they give you more than you pay for.



Are you ready to invest in high-quality signage from a reliable vinyl sign company? Paragon Signs & Graphics operates on the philosophy of exceeding expectations.

Contact us today and let us help you take your signage to a whole new level.

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