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Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Signs in Connecticut 

Hanging signs are outdoor and indoor corporate signs that are suspended from ceilings or special structures in CT. As the name suggests, they are not your typical business signs that are affixed onto a flat surface. 

There are many applications and uses of hanging signs. It includes promoting your signature products and services, announcing ongoing sales and events, and building your brand. One of the primary advantages of investing in hanging business signs is their exceptional visibility from all angles in Connecticut. They are handy for commercial facilities in Connecticut that struggle to stand out from competitors. 

If you are on the hunt for the best quality hanging signs near you, look no further because Paragon Signs & Graphics is here to meet or even exceed your expectations.

Best Types of Hanging Signs for Your Connecticut Company

  • Acrylic hanging signs: Modern, vibrant, and fun, acrylic signs are perfect if you want to add a dash of contemporary sophistication to space. With their vast array of customization options, you can choose specific elements that complement your branding requirements.
  • Foam core ultra hanging signs: These indoor hanging signs are fantastic for making your establishment look more organized. They are incredibly resistant to scratches, smashed corners, and indentations.
  • PVC hanging signs: They are highly popular among entrepreneurs in Connecticut because of their lightweight construction and many customization options.
  • Banner hanging signs: If you are looking for a budget-friendly, multi-purpose, and easy-to-install option, we recommend that you invest in vinyl banners. You can choose between a matte or high-gloss finish that looks best with your interior or exterior design and light fixtures.  
  • Engraved hanging signs: Sleek, edgy, and professional, engraved metal signs are perfect for displaying wayfinding information, safety reminders, room identification, and more.  
  • Aluminum hanging signs: We recommend these ceiling hanging signs for entrepreneurs who are want to invest in visual communication solutions that gain plenty of attention. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and can come in non-traditional shapes.
  • Alumalite hanging signs: These extremely hardwearing yet lightweight signs work well in either indoor or outdoor settings. Alumalite signs are fabricated with aluminum sheets and corrugated plastic core, making them highly resistant to different weather conditions.
  • Dibond hanging signs: If you want to maximize your marketing budget, you must invest in Dibond signs. They are one of the most heavy-duty outdoor hanging signs in the market. They are waterproof, rot-proof, rust-proof, and resistant to chemicals.
  • ARMOUR-wood hanging signs: With the durability of gloss aluminum and the strength of wooden signs, ARMOUR-wood offers long-term benefits to your business.  
  • Coroplast hanging signs: Otherwise known as plastic cardboard, they are great for repeated indoor and outdoor use. Paragon Signs & Graphics also offers grommet attachments to make your signs more durable and professional.
  • Dura-wood hanging signs: These portable signs, lightweight, and affordable signs are fantastic for many locations. Thanks to advances in sign-making technology, we can make them more durable than ever before.   
  • Sandblasted redwood hanging signs: Enhance your interior or exterior design with elegant and timeless sandblasted redwood signage. They are highly resistant to cupping, splitting, chipping, and warping.  
  • HDU hanging signs: For entrepreneurs who love the classy appeal of wood signs but don’t want to deal with their fast deterioration and weathering issues, we recommend that you choose HDU instead.

Your Trusted Hanging Sign Maker in Connecticut

Paragon Signs & Graphics is not your ordinary Connecticut sign shop. We are home to some of the most talented and passionate sign makers in the area, who collectively create visual communication solutions that generate quantifiable results.

We don’t have a “one-size-fits-all” template for every project that we handle. As industry leaders, we make sure to produce signs tailored to your specific branding requirements, target market’s preferences, interior or exterior design, and budget.

Our personalized hanging signs are fabricated from the highest-grade materials and are securely installed by highly skilled professionals. In doing so, they are more likely to stand the test of time despite frequent exposure to various weather conditions.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of hanging signs in Connecticut? Call us today to get a free quote.


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