November 5, 2023

Outdoor Custom Signs: A Guide to Materials, Durability, and Placement

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Businesses must make a strong first impression to set themselves up for success. Acquiring as much attention as possible is a key strategy in increasing profits and building brand recognition. One way of achieving this goal is by investing in outdoor custom signs. They assist in building your brand's visibility, growing your consumer base, and so much more.

A well-designed outdoor sign can be the difference between a successful and a struggling business. As these signs are responsible for making favorable first impressions, advertising promotions, and creating visual appeal, they play a crucial part in bringing new visitors to your business. They also highlight your organization’s specific personality that distinguishes it from competitors in your industry.

It might be tough to know where to begin when it comes to selecting the correct sign materials for your custom outdoor signage. Paragon Signs & Graphics is here to help with all your signage requirements. Allow this blog to serve as your overall outdoor signage guide.


Best Material Options for Outdoor Sign Durability

· Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the best choices for outdoor signs. It is an adaptable material that can be utilized for a variety of outdoor signage solutions. Aluminum can also be mixed with other materials to customize your business sign’s appearance. It is weather-resistant, so it will not corrode, split, warp, bleach out, or shatter, and it is also environmentally friendly, as it is recyclable.


PVC, which is made of plastic, is a low-cost, long-lasting material that is used extensively for outdoor signs. It is a lightweight but extremely durable material that doesn’t fade or lose its form, making it a worthwhile investment. Because it is lightweight, it is ideal for bigger signage that is attached to a wall or façade.


ACM is a composite material having a solid polyethene core and a visually appealing aluminium surface. ACM is more expensive than aluminum or PVC, but it is also more durable. It will not peel or flake and provides a professional finish for high-quality signage. This makes it an excellent choice if you have a sign with an odd form or size.

· Acrylic

Because of their translucent nature, acrylic sheets are mostly utilized as the front section of outside signs. Also known as plexiglass, acrylic offers a glossy, chic surface. It is a tough textile that can withstand most weather conditions, while also resisting color fading.

· Vinyl

Vinyl works well for outdoor banners and temporary outdoor signage. It is a tough material that can survive various weather conditions, from severely cold to extremely hot.  Vinyl prints have great resolution and vibrant colors, which attract attention and increase foot traffic. They are the perfect sign solution for small to medium-sized businesses, as they are cost-effective.

· Wood

Wood is common for outdoor signage, especially when a traditional look is desired. It has a rustic charm that is beautiful, yet it needs routine maintenance to avoid water damage. Wood is an extremely adaptable material since it can be carved, painted, and sculpted into any style. The cost of a wooden sign is determined by the type of wood used and the level of skill required in the creation of the sign.


Use Paragon Sign & Graphics to Promote Your Company

Paragon Signs & Graphics, as your one-stop sign shop, will assist you in creating exceptional outdoor business signage, as well as recommend sign placements to make your company stand out. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with anything from outdoor sign design to installation. Call us today to kickstart your signage project.

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