October 13, 2022

Benefits Of Outdoor Business Signs You Need to Know

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There are so many available options nowadays when you want to market your business in Connecticut. Technology has made it so much easier to reach your target audience. However, brick-and-mortar businesses will tell you that this marketing tool remains necessary and effective: outdoor business signs.

These are any type of sign that adorn your outdoor space. They can be freestanding or attached to your building. They can also be lighted exterior signs that make you visible even at night. Outdoor signs give your business a name, letting people know who and what you are.

Whatever industry you belong to, or the type of business you have, outdoor signs are necessary for your success. They provide a lot of benefits, 4 of which we’ll discover in this blog.

Custom outdoor signage increases brand awareness

Branding is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Your brand says a lot about the identity and values of your business. And outdoor signs play a key role in promoting your brand.

Outdoor acrylic signs, window graphics, and the like all help introduce your brand at the first point of contact. They help show how your brand is unique. This makes your business easy to identify amidst a sea of other businesses.

Outdoor business signs help create a positive first impression

Outdoor signs are usually how customers first encounter your business. This first interaction is crucial to creating the right first impression. They can affect a customer’s decision to visit your establishment.

A FedEx study on signage also showed how poor signage deterred people from entering a business. For this reason, having the right corporate exterior signage can affect the impression you leave on your customers.

These signs help drive more traffic to your business

Outdoor signs are important wayfinding tools. They simplify how people locate your business. Outdoor hanging signs, for instance, are great for getting the attention of incoming foot traffic.

Knowing exactly where to find your business makes it easier to drive more customers to your space. This avoids any confusion and frustration of having to locate your business. Even at night, lighted exterior signs make sure customers can spot you.

Corporate exterior signage is a cost-effective marketing tool

You can have the best products or services in the market. However, it won’t make a difference if people don’t know your business exists. Storefront signs, outdoor acrylic signs, and the like make this happen.

Outdoor signs don’t just promote your brand. They can also advertise your products and services. For instance, window graphics can be used to display your various offerings. This can spark the interest of anyone passing by.

Invest in Custom Outdoor Signage Today

When it’s high-quality outdoor signs you need, Paragon Signs and Graphics is here to help. We offer a wide range of sign options like outdoor hanging signs, monument signs, channel letters, and more.

Our signs are made with premium materials that can withstand various outdoor elements. Enjoy the benefits of outdoor signs for years with top-notch custom signs that last.

Get in touch with our Connecticut team today to learn more and we’ll give you a free quote.

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