January 7, 2023

Outdoor Signage Ideas for Your Business

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Outdoor business signs are one of the most important tools available to businesses for increasing brand visibility and sales. A well-designed sign can mean the difference between a thriving and a struggling business. These signs are in charge of creating a favorable first impression for your company. They are the most effective way to display your company’s name, logo, and other critical information. The best part is that they can be customized to fit your company’s identity.


When it comes to choosing the right sign for your business, it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry, though; Paragon Signs & Graphics is here to assist you with all of your signage requirements.


In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most common outdoor signage that is trending now.


Business Signs and 3D Letters

These types of advertising displays are ideal for outdoor business signs. They give you a lot of creative freedom to make cool sign ideas come to life. You have infinite shapes, fonts, colors, and dimensions to choose from. However, you should balance your interior and exterior while remaining true to your image.


Channel Letters

Are you looking for unique business sign ideas? If so, don’t look any further! These illuminated custom outdoor business signs will brighten up your business. They are attached to the wall or a backing panel. They add depth with a 3D look that is enhanced by perfect lighting. You can pair them with other commercial sign ideas, both illuminated and not.


Pylon Signs

This type of display, which functions as a high-rise sign, is intended to provide even greater visibility on highways and streets. Passersby will notice this sign due to its size, even if they are traveling at high speeds. You can add illumination to this sign, making it visible even during the night.


Monument Signs

These are among the most eye-catching exterior business sign ideas. The massive displays will help you gain familiarity in any crowd or large space. This is a unique commercial signage idea that is commonly used in educational centers. They are available in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. Choose the one that best represents your company’s values and image.


Vinyl Lettering

This allows you to showcase any written message with style. Here, you’re free to choose any font and size as long as it’s visually appealing and easy to read. While used for a range of purposes, there are a few outdoor business sign ideas with these letters and numbers that can be seen all over town. They showcase mottos, quotes, operating hours, addresses, contact information, brand names, sales offers, seasonal promotions, etc.


Your Trusted Outdoor Sign Company in Connecticut

As your one-stop sign shop, Paragon Signs & Graphics will assist you in developing signage solutions that will help your brand stand out. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly help you with everything from planning to installation of your outdoor business signs.

Call us at 203-491-0325 or contact us online today and start getting noticed!

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