January 18, 2022

Know-How A-Frame Signs Boost Your Business

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When we think of impactful signs, often we think about big, bright signage. However, an effective sign doesn’t need to be large and grandiose. Sometimes, even small sign options can create a positive impact on your Connecticut business.

One small and simple sign option that can generate a lot of attention is custom a-frame signs.

Boost Your Business with A-Frame Message Boards.

Are you looking for effective ways to attract more foot traffic to your business? A-Frame signs are a type of sidewalk sign that businesses use. They are ideal for catching the attention of anyone passing by your business.

Also known as sandwich boards, these signs are foldable, movable, and reusable. Often, both sides of the sign can be used to display your message.

Despite being small and simple, they can be used to boost your business in these ways:

Plastic A-frame signs are great for wayfinding.

Customers are more likely to show up at your business when they know how to find you. This is helpful for those stores or offices tucked away in a corner. Putting a sandwich board in high foot traffic areas can help point customers towards your space.

A-frame message boards help promote products and services.

Since these signs are highly-visible, they are the perfect communication tool. A-frames can be used to display information for your customers. They can include promotional messages like in-store deals.

Cafes and restaurants use these signs to inform customers about the day’s menu or specials. Metal A-frame signs with interchangeable signboards are ideal for this.

Sway customer’s buying decision with these signs.

Since they efficiently display deals and promotions, a-frames are perfect for influencing a customer’s buying impulses. Walking by your sign and seeing deals can result in customers taking a detour towards your business.

It’s a simple yet effective way to get more foot traffic to your store or office.

Keep your business engaged with custom a-frame signs.

A lot of a-frames are designed to be interchangeable and customizable. This allows you to change the message on your sign depending on your needs. These sandwich board options include:

  • Chalkboards
  • Changeable letters
  • A-frames with changeable sign slots

Conveniently change your sign to keep customers on their toes. This creates curiosity for your business. People who frequently pass by your place will always watch out for your latest offerings.

Ensure customer safety with plastic a-frame signs.

Aside from commercial use, these signs can also promote safety within your business. These signs are often used to display different safety hazards. For example, they help indicate if a certain area of your floor is unsafe for walking.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in Connecticut.

Don’t discount small and simple signs just yet. They can be as effective in generating attention as any large sign option. This is especially true when you invest in high-quality a-frame signs from Paragon Signs & Graphics.

We offer a wide range of sign solutions for your various business needs. Our signs are always durable, eye-catching, and long-lasting. Whether you need metal a-frame signs or plastic signs, we can help.

Contact us today for a free consultation with our a-frame sign experts.

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