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One of the main roles of signs is to deliver information. They are communication tools that help CT businesses and organizations relay a message to their customers or the public. Signs can be used to advertise a sale, promote a new product, or simply provide directions.

Effective signage can help boost business by enticing customers to visit a store or restaurant, and by providing information that helps customers navigate a facility.

Importance of Informational Signs for Your Business

There are plenty of sign types that every business needs. However, informational signs should be on top of the list. These are any sign that provides pertinent information that helps move your Connecticut business along.

Informational signs and symbols can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  1. Let people know the purpose of an object
  2. Provide instructions regarding the use of objects, or processes
  3. Display directional cues
  4. Provide warning or caution

At Paragon Signs and Graphics, we offer a wide range of informational sign options for your business needs. We can custom-design these signs to match your brand and business aesthetic. Learn more about general information signs by giving us a call today.

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Warning and Safety Signs

One of the essential uses of informational signs is to provide warnings and ensure people’s safety. Not only that, but these are also signs required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Warning signs are part of business compliance.

These signs can indicate potential hazards in specific places. For instance, information safety signs are needed in rooms with radioactive activities.

Traffic Signs

Other popular types of informational signs are those that direct traffic. Information street signs help motorists navigate a space properly and safely. They are essential for construction sites, large facilities, and city streets. Examples of informational street signs include:

  1. Stop Sign
  2. Pedestrian Crossing
  3. Parking Signs
  4. Road Work Signs
  5. Hazard Markers

Benefits of Using Informational Signage

No business should miss having informational signs. Aside from smooth-sailing daily operations, these signs can benefit your business in many ways.

  1. They create a safe space for customers, visitors, and employees. This lessens the risk of people running into accidents while within your facility.
  2. Informational signs make your establishment more comfortable for customers. This helps create a positive customer experience that makes them want to come back.
  3. These signs help build brand awareness. This is true, especially for indoor and outdoor informational signs that are custom-made to match your brand.

Informational Sign Services 

Make sure customers have the information they need for a more efficient visit. Get clear, well-displayed informational signs that help customers at each point of contact.

Whether you need informational pool signs, traffic signs, safety signs, or more, Paragon Signs and Graphics can help. We create customized signs that not only communicate crucial information but also make your business stand out in Connecticut.

Not sure where to start? Don’t fret! Give our team a call today and get a free consultation.

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