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Smart business owners take advantage of any opportunity to promote their company in CT. This includes using up every bit of business space, from your walls to your windows, floors, and more.

Through etched and frosted glass signs, you can transform any window, wall, or door of your business. These signs are a great way to elevate your business space and create a more professional image.

Commercial Window Film Solutions

Glass signs are an essential part of any building's exterior. They provide a classy and durable addition that can be customized to suit your needs with many different options, including etching or frosting films for added style!

If you’re looking to create a more professional look for your business in Connecticut, Paragon Signs and Graphics can help. We create high-quality glass signs for businesses. Our team offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Contact us today to learn more!

Imaged Glass and Other Types of Etched Glass Signs

Custom-etched glass signs and frosted glass are a great addition to your space. They help improve your business aesthetic. With the many options available, you’re sure to find one that’s right for your store or office.

For instance, etched glass is carved or sandblasted to create a sign with the finest details. It can be done by hand or using an etching machine. This results in a clean, sophisticated look.

When you want the same look and feel as textured glass, imaged glass is an ideal choice. These can be used to add branding and other decorative details to your glass surfaces.

Other options available include:

  1. Etched glass lighted signs
  2. Frosted signs
  3. Paint-filling
  4. Glass carving
  5. Etched glass shading

Frosted Glass Signs

Frosted custom glass signs are an ideal way to add a touch of sophistication to your business. By etching a design into the glass, you can create a sign that is both eye-catching and professional.

Thanks to the versatile nature of frosted glass, there are nearly limitless possibilities for custom designs. At Paragon Signs and Graphics, we can create frosted vinyl lettering, frosted vinyl graphics, and more.

Benefits of Using Etched & Frosted Glass Signs

Custom frosted glass decals and etched glass signs are popular options for office and storefront signage. Etched and frosted glass signs have a sophisticated, upscale appearance that can convey a professional image for your business.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, custom frosted glass decals are also very versatile. They can be used indoors or outdoors and can be custom designed to fit any space. Frosted glass signs are also very durable, making them a great investment for your Connecticut business.

High-Quality Etched Glass Frosting for Your Business

Whether you need signage for glass doors, windows, and walls, Paragon Signs and Graphics can help. We are a full-service sign company that designs, creates, and installs all your signage needs.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the level of service we provide. Let us be your partner in creating a better business environment for your customers, visitors, and employees.

Contact us today and get a free consultation with one of our sign experts!

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