December 15, 2021

Decorate Your Home with Fantastic Wall Decals

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Our homes are where we start and end our days. The way it looks can affect our mood before we go out or when we get home. As such, it is important that our space feels homey and comfortable.

Decorating your Connecticut home is an excellent opportunity to be creative and express your unique personality. This can be done in various ways. However, a simple yet impactful way to decorate your home’s interiors is through custom wall decals.

Custom Wall Decals in Connecticut

Wall decals are printed vinyl adhesives that can be applied to smooth wall spaces. Compared to wall murals, decals are smaller in size and come in different shapes and forms. Decals can also include vinyl letters and characters.

The uses of wall decals are not just limited to residential spaces. They can also be used in businesses. They are a simple way of turning blank walls into a vibrant, exciting feature in any room.

Types of Wall Decal Designs for Your Home

Adding vinyl wall decals lets you transform any room into a livelier space. Here are some design ideas when using wall decals.

1. Geometric wall designs

Geometric designs are a great way to add a modern twist to your home. They are a modern take on the usual wall tiles.

Use custom wall decals to add geometric designs of different shapes, colors, and sizes. This will make any room look fresh and interesting.

2. Nature

For those who love the outdoors, these types of wall decals are a great choice. Wall decals can let you bring the outside in, adding trees, leaves, and flowers inside your home.

Nature-themed wall decals can also create a whimsical kid’s bedroom.

3. Victorian wall art

For a more classic look, you can go for a Victorian-themed wall using vinyl wall decals. This lets you easily add flourishes, flowers, and shapes to your walls.

With wall decals, you can also add flourishes to the corners of your wall spaces. This is an easy way to add a border to your walls, creating a classic and romantic atmosphere.

4. Typography

One creative use of wall decals is by adding letters and texts to your wall spaces. This is a great way to showcase your personality.

Adding your favorite quote or phrases to your walls can boost your mood each time you read it. It can change your mood and be a constant reminder that inspires you throughout the day.

Best Quality Wall Decals

Let vibrant wall decals breathe new life into your home today. For high-quality custom wall decals in Connecticut, trust only the experts to get the job done.

Paragon Signs & Graphics is your top choice when it comes to effective sign solutions. Whether they’re for your home or business in Connecticut, we produce signs of premium design and quality.

Our expert designers can help turn your design vision into a reality. For best quality wall decals, give us a call today and receive a free quote.

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