January 1, 2022

Business Signs: How Does It Represent Your Business?

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Signs are a crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy. They serve a lot of purposes, from communicating to advertising and branding. Having the right signs not only establishes your presence in Connecticut but also establishes your business’s identity.

According to a FedEx study, 68% of customers see your signs as a reflection of the quality of your products and services. As such, it is important to choose the right signs to represent your business.

How Business Signs Affect Your Business’s Perception.

Aside from products and services themselves, different factors affect how customers see your business. There’s the level of customer service you offer. Also, the look and feel of your store or office contribute to your business’s perception.

Signage plays a key role in the type of atmosphere you create. Your choice of signs gives customers a better idea of who and what your business is.

Lobby signs help create a positive first impression.

A positive business perception starts with a great introduction. This can be done with a stunning sign in your lobby area. When customers see an impressive lobby sign the moment they walk in, they know that you are a business that they can trust.

Wall murals and graphics breathe life to any room or space.

After giving a warm welcome to customers, it is important to reinforce that feeling within your entire business space. An easy and efficient way to do this is through wall graphics and murals. They can transform any blank wall into an eye-catching feature around your business.

You can also add your logo and other branding designs to your walls by using wall murals or graphics. Whichever direction your customers look at, they know exactly who and what your business is because of your walls.

Show customers your attention to detail with floor graphics.

Aside from wall graphics, your floors are also an excellent space to engage your customers. These wide spaces can be used for:

  • Helping customers navigate your space.
  • Branding.
  • Advertising.
  • Overall décor.

The unexpected addition to your floor areas shows how you value attention to detail. Through the use of floor graphics customers will be engaged in a whole new way and will be sure to take notice of these signs.

ADA signs promote inclusivity and accessibility.

Aside from being required by law, ADA-compliant signs also show that your business values inclusivity and accessibility. Following ADA guidelines ensures that your signs are readable to all of your customers.

ADA signs help each customer navigate through your space freely and safely. This provides a more comfortable experience that customers will surely value.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in Connecticut.

Signs may be necessary for practical reasons, however, they are also an effective way to establish your unique brand.

Make sure your signs reflect your business in the best way possible. Choose a sign partner that can deliver your exact signage needs. This is what Paragon Signs & Graphics can offer.

Whether you need a lobby sign, wall graphics, or more, our team can help. Contact us today and we’ll give you a free quote.

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