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The Many Uses of Building Signs

The Best Building Signs Near Connecticut

Before entering your business, customers will likely already have a sense of who you are and what your business is about. This is because of the signs that adorn your outdoor space. For this reason, it’s important to have outdoor building signs that represent your brand well.

Here at Paragon Signs & Graphics, we understand the significance of having the right building signs. These signs can help your business stand out in Connecticut. Contact us today for a free consultation with our sign experts!

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Types of Interior and Exterior Building Signs

It’s important to take careful steps when choosing the right signs that work for your business. Start with your business goals. Ask yourself: “How do I want my signs to work for me?” This will be your guide when making decisions about the type of sign, materials, and building sign design.

Knowing your options is also crucial before making a choice. Here are our top picks for building signs in CT.

1.       Monument Signs

Among the many outdoor freestanding sign options, these are an ideal choice. They are mounted low on the ground. This means they’re in the exact line of sight of people walking or driving by.

Monument signage is used primarily to display your business name and logo. They may have other important information, like your business address and contact details, for example. Finding your business is made easier with these signs.

2.       Pylon Signs

Are you looking for a sign that is visible from afar? These are tall signs that usually tower over other surrounding structures. This makes them perfect for crowded business districts or hard-to-locate areas in Connecticut.

Pylon signs have a signboard that contains your business name and logo. Often, these are illuminated, and can even be installed with digital signs.

3.       Wall-Mounted Signs

Your walls are ideal real estate for signage. Mounting signs on your walls let you make use of these wide spaces for your benefit. These can include signs inside and outside your business space.

Wall-mounted interior building signs are ideal to use as:

  • Wayfinding signs
  • Room identification signs
  • ADA signs
  • Building directories

4.       Dimensional Letters

Dimensional signs are the most ideal type for your building’s front face. They offer a depth that attracts any onlookers passing by. These signs can be customized to match your exact business name and logo design.

5.       Channel Letters

Do you need large building signs that give you 24-hour visibility? These illuminated signs are great for displaying your business or building name. Even when you’re closed for the night, they can continue to get your business noticed in CT.

Commercial Business Signs for Your Building

Make your building stand out with the help of Paragon Signs & Graphics. We are your top choice for high-quality sign solutions in Connecticut.

Our team can create building signs and symbols that not only catch but also hold the attention of your target customers. We offer excellent products made with premium materials that last for years.

Give us a call today for your building sign needs and we’ll provide you a free quote.

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